Going out into the world is loads of fun but for me, these days, nothing beats getting cozy at home. We’ve been away, here and there, for the past few weeks and I’m so very glad to back in my own space. The timing for our trip south was absolutely perfect, as it was close to -40 for most of the time I was gone and I wouldn’t have been able to go out at all with little Miss when it was that cold. It’s lovely and warm now that I’m back and I let Bobo out for a run around in the outdoor ring. As you can see, he had a nice time!

I finished reading the Goldfinch on my Kindle and I’ve downloaded The Interestings to start after I’ve finished Clutter Free with Kids which I started the other day. I love reading Joshua Becker’s writing a few times a week, but so far this book is pretty much just a cut and paste of his blog-luckily I paid less than $3.00 for the book so my expectations were low and I’m happy to support Joshua. I confess that reading non-fiction longer than a short article is not really my thing. The Goldfinch was one of the most wonderful books I’ve read in years. I want to go back in time and read it all over again.

I’m off on a knitting/Olympics date when my little darling wakes up from her nap. Which she just has! Squeaky little dinosaur.


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