In which I plant tomatoes, eat a batch of scones, and two kitties are seen looking through a dirty kitchen window



What a peaceful lovely day it has been, and how nice to have a place to go to share that. I finished planting tomatoes and hot peppers. I’m not sure quite what will happen when it comes time to transplant them, as I do not have enough room with my current setup to support 170 plants in four inch pots, not to mention the pickling cucumbers, annuals, and brassicas I plan to start soon. I can’t even pretend to be very surprised when this happens in a few weeks from now if I write it here. Still, it is nice to think of having too many pretty plants. Last year I was so morning-sick that I didn’t start seeds at all. And then we moved in June and I had a mini container-only garden for a few weeks before the deer scarfed it all down. So I’m thinking this year will be better than last no matter what happens. Famous last words, perhaps…

I baked some coconut oil whole-wheat blueberry scones and then ate every last one before I remembered that I could take a picture of them, as they were quite pretty and so healthy…especially when eaten 8 at a time. Perhaps it is for the best, as the Internet is full of people who are angry about other people taking pictures of the things they eat and now there is no record at all of the fact that I devoured an entire batch of baked goods in under 20 minutes.

My little love is cutting teeth-I cringe to see her in distress. I’ve found the best way to help her is to change the channel, so we went out to visit Bobo and he had fun sniffing her while she slept. She has been sleeping ever since we got home a couple hours ago. I know I’m supposed to care that she’s sleeping in the middle of the day and will probably be up half the night, but I’m not very good at thinking or worrying about future me, and adhere very stringently to the maxim that one should never wake a sleeping baby. So we’ll see how that turns out.


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