The more it snows (tiddely pom)






If you have been following us here so far, you might be forgiven for wondering when the craft portion of this professed craft blog might be introduced. My excuse is that for the past several years (that maybe an exaggeration if I really think hard, it might be more like a few months on and off) I have been knitting a sweater in sock weight yarn. For those of you who are not knitters, this means that the yarn is ridiculously thin and it takes forever to get anywhere. I could have knit a floor length ball-gown in chunky wool with the same amount of stitches if I was inclined to do so, which I don’t think I am. As proof of the itty bittiness of the yarn and corresponding needles, I have pushed a small but quite painful hole into my right index finger from pushing stitches off the left needle.

Now, I love knitting so much that I would otherwise be happy to work through this pain except that I have also (deliberately) knit myself a sweater for the me I aspired to be when I began to knit it and have very unfortunately though not totally unpredictably, not become. I know, I know.

My excuse is very good though (I think). Here’s the official story: I had just given birth to the most wonderful beautiful miracle of a baby in the whole history of the world and was expecting to shrink dramatically very soon thereafter which didn’t totally happen. The unofficial and probably more honest story, is that I just didn’t want to knit the “extra large” size in this pattern because I didn’t feel like identifying as extra large. I could blame my fragile emotional state as a new Mom, but I have a feeling I would have done this without it. I guess I kind of thought that maybe since the designers didn’t use mega skinny models and since they are, themselves, seemingly fairly normal sized people, that maybe their sizing would reflect that. Sad face. No, wait, not a sad face, a hopeful motivated goal setting kind of face (which, in case you’re wondering, might also be described as pained, hungry, and sore from doing the New York City Ballet Workout DVD for the first time in a very long time). Truthfully, the sweater isn’t really going to be that small, but it would be a lot more comfortable if I could manage to be just a bit smaller. Maybe I just can’t bear to knit another teeny weeny stitch. Plus, I somehow have to crochet button holes at the very end and I have no clue how to do that. So, like a Lost Boy, I have to be made to fit the tree if I want to get into my cozy underground home slash sweater. Gosh I love that story.

When I was down on the coast I visited my super number one favourite yarn store , which is sadly (for my husband, who likes to be able to afford silly things like gas and food and car repairs and other similarly luxurious things for himself) located about three minutes from my parent’s home. I liked the colourway of my sweater so much (see above) that I bought it in a worsted weight yarn which is much thicker than the sock weight stuff and I’m knitting a hat and healing the hole in my hand and trying to imagine that my arms are getting smaller. So, yeah, having matchy matchy hat and sweater. Rakish, right? Whatever.

Anyway, for those of you who are just tuning in to see and hear the latest on our little love, we’ve been reading the House at Pooh Corner together, until one of us starts squirming. The writing is so lovely and even though I know she doesn’t really understand yet, it’s fun to get to practice my reading voice for my future career as professional reader of children’s fiction for which I fully expect to be compensated beyond my wildest dreams (said dreams being, admittedly, quite conservative).

It’s weird with Pooh though. I’m planning to try very hard to keep licensed characters out of her life and though we are using cloth diapers, I do put a disposable on her at night so I can get some sleep and guess who is featured on the front? Pooh. (Though I do like a good pun from time to time, I am turning up my nose at this one……so to speak. damn it. sorry.). Anyway, I live in a pretty small town, and I like paying a bit more for the green coloured package (read eco-friendly) so that I don’t feel so guilty for using a disposable and for suckers like me, Pooh is on the only game in town. Anyway, I’ve been following Raffi (as in singer of Baby Beluga) on Twitter and he turned me onto the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood. I’m stoked that other people are into this idea in a big non-profit organization-creating kind of way. I feel pretty alone up here with hardly anyone except my marvelous husband to talk to about my fears about a raising my child in a crazy backwards consumer-driven culture. So, Internet, you great and terrible series of tubes, hear my hopes and fears. Hopefully by writing about this I will start to feel a little less frustrated and anxious and angry and alone about this particular topic.

Oooh! And to end on a slightly lighter note, I am very excited that tomorrow is Tuesday and that the library is open after being shut for two days and I can get the next season of Six Feet Under, a delightful and hilarious show about….death! I’m done Season One and loving it. Really. I know it is old news, but with no cable, limited Internet, and a big fine waiting for me at the video store, free HBO TV shows at the library are pretty great.


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