Icing on the lake


















Guys, I went out on the lake! And it wasn’t scary at all. It was so totally gorgeous and magical. It was like it was my birthday! (and it actually was too.) A very perfect day. I want to go out again as soon as possible, though when I woke up this morning, it was -33 degrees, so we stayed inside all day, cozy and crafting. Actually, looking back, I don’t think I really accomplished anything, which I’m noticing often happens when I’m hanging out with Baby Bear. Is it weird that I find even her sad and frustrated faces to be so completely adorable. Sigh, baby love is totally ridiculous.

In other news, I know I am WAY late to the party on this one, but I am very keen on coconut oil these days, especially in baking. It makes everything taste like Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion (in a really good way). I posted a little bit ago about eating a batch of scones, well, I’ve been modifying this recipe with loads of success, and since it’s a very small batch, it’s easy to experiment with, and not too horrible if you happen to eat 5 or 6. I’ve replaced the sugar with honey, added oats, used exclusively whole wheat flour, and haven’t bothered with the nuts and they’ve turned out every time. I was finding myself at my local coffee shop nearly every day in the past months because I was hungry for their amazing baking, but these scones have kept me at home on days when I might have otherwise driven all the way to town just for One Another’s fabulous food.

I’m reading The Interestings and I have to admit, I’m not sure about it. I’ve read some pretty outstanding books in the past few months (Madaddam, Freedom, The Corrections, The Goldfinch, The Luminaries, The Great Gatsby) so my expectations are probably calibrated fairly high. I think it’s possible that themes are hitting a bit close to home for comfort and the main character has just a little too much in common with me to make living inside her head completely enjoyable. It’s about someone who gave up her dream to make a living creatively because she wasn’t very good, and is ever after jealous of her successful friends. Envy is a very dirty emotion and so very contagious.

For my birthday, I bought myself some yarn to knit this sweater for my little Boo. I’m pretty crazy about TinCan Knits. I love pretty much everything they create. Publish more lovely ladies! Sadly, my local yarn store carries mostly acrylic/wool blends, which I am not very excited about. I really want to support them, but I don’t very often find much that is inspiring. I bought this Diamond Luxury Comfort Chunky in Ecru for the little sweater. If the weather stays so cold, I’ll be done in no time.


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