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Snow. Snow. Snow. Our truck has fully disappeared under a heap of it at the bottom of the driveway. I am still in love with the coziness of winter, thank goodness, or this might start feeling a bit over the top. (I just reread this and it’s a terrible pun and totally not intended, but I’m keeping it, so there)

This week has been busy at our house: A wonderful visit from Grammy, painting picture frames, watching the tomatoes grow, friends stopping by for tea, finally finishing the baby’s room (the only thing missing is the crib-still in our room).

I am knitting this shawl in a gorgeous colourway from Sweet Fiber Yarns called Spanish Coin. The yarn is a DK superwash merino. Sweet Fiber is a company in Vancouver owned by a young woman. Hooray for that! I made Brad’s birthday sweater out of their merino/cashmere worsted weight yarn in a lovely manly colour called Moss. Come to think of it, I never properly photographed him in it…I should get around to that. Anyway, the shawl looks like the rising sun and is so easy to knit. Easy to knit is pretty key these days for me. I had all these lace projects started and it’s pretty awesome that I can do a harder project, finally, after all these years of knitting in straight line, but I just started not wanting to do the lace charts and was getting lost in the patterns, frustrated, distracted by the baby. Knitting back and forth with the odd increase or decrease is all my two-hours-of-sleep-in-a-row-max brain can handle these days. Hobbies are supposed to be relaxing anyway.

I finished The Interestings, and even though I didn’t love the voice and it wasn’t always comfortable, I liked how it ended. It got me thinking about how creativity can fit into an adult life, the value of doing what you love for a living, and how we treat and encourage creativity differently for children than for adults. For a change from the contemporary fiction thing, I started reading Sherlock Holmes. I downloaded the entire collection of tales for just 99 cents. I love my Kindle, I love my Kindle, I love my Kindle. Did I mention how much I love my Kindle? I feel like I should have read Sherlock a long time ago since I have been addicted to murder mysteries since I was a teenager, and Sherlock is pretty much the boss of this genre. Plus I watched an episode of the show and now I picture Benedict Cumberbatch when I’m reading, and that makes it extra super great.

Six Feet Under is ending for me and I will be sad when there are no more episodes left. “Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, Ends” says the main menu when I put in a new disc. Death gets me thinking about life and helps to put things in perspective as we plan the next few years of our life. I know what happens in this final season (a main character dies. I won’t spoil it. In case you haven’t watched the show, you probably should). How did I know? I guess it’s just because I pay attention and remember things I wish I could forget and someone told me once. And then, of course, I googled it to confirm and read all about it because I have virtually no self-control. Will I still be sad when it happens even though I know it’s coming?

I learned a new vocabulary word this week: Frieze (a decorative band at the top or beneath the cornice of an interior wall, a piece of furniture, etc.). My mom made one for little Miss’ room out of the drawings from an old Mother Goose book from my childhood. Isn’t it gorgeous? She also made the curtains, the quilt, the felt letters. She’s one talented Grammy. I need to start sewing more. I want to make some dresses for Baby Bear. Making things! I love to make things! More snow please!


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