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5 and a half months is the most adorable human age. Our little Bear is so sweet it is almost unbearable. My heart is full. Even when I feel sad, which happens at this time of the year -there are still many feet of snow in the backyard-I still feel so very glad because of her.

The thaw is here and with it lots of muck. I like the word muck. It’s pretty much an onomatopoeia. I won’t say spring is really quite here yet, but it’s definitely on its way in a meandering Cariboo kind of way. I wear a t-shirt to pop outside to the tool shed. Some mornings I hear a birds singing. There are puddles on the lake from all the melted snow, though someone still parks their truck out by one of the ice-fishing hut (madness! I say).

Baby Bear did her very first no-help-at-all roll over. When she finally pushed herself over she made a tiny little squeal of surprise. Suddenly, she is so much more mobile and her fine motor skills have improved drastically. She is grabbing and pulling on anything she can reach: hair, necklaces, power cords, and especially books. It’s actually quite hard to read to her because she just grabs the book and tries to put it in her mouth. I started a Wrinkle in Time with her. I know she can’t understand yet, but I just can’t wait (literally!) to start reading awesome books with her. At this time of year I confess that I wish I could do (make?) a tesseract to the May Long Weekend on some days.

I finally finished my low tide sweater a few weeks ago. I had been complaining about the sleeves being too tight and threatening to try to lose weight in my arms to make it fit (didn’t happen). Turns out the problem was my very non-elastic cast off. I used this problem as an excuse to buy a book about Casting on and Binding Off.  The sweater hangs off my shoulders a bit, but I’m delighted with it anyway. My first garment for myself! Next up, a sweater and a coat for Baby Bear. My leafy shawl from Botanical Knits is almost done!

Ooh! I read the Rosie Project and loved it. It is pretty much the Big Bang Theory in novel format and I finished it in less than 48 hours (and it was a fairly busy couple of days, or I would have just plowed through it in one sitting). I aspire to be a mega-organized, rational, disciplined person most days, so this book was fairly inspiring (which I don’t think was exactly its object) and also very very funny. Read it if you have a spare couple of hours and can’t find a decent romantic comedy to watch.

See the tiny pony in the picture? He is Baby Bear’s Someday Pony called Sparkles (actually, they renamed him Sparkie because they thought Sparkles sounded too much like My Little Pony, which I think is actually a really excellent quality in a pony name). I love him so much even though he sometimes bites the little girls who are training him.

Sweet peas are planted! Probably too early, like the tomatoes and peppers, but I just don’t care. I need to have flowers to look forward to, especially ones that smell delicious. Can you eat sweet pea flowers? I’m going to look that up when they start growing.


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