I love my new sweater Mommy!


I am NOT not doing this blogging thing. It’s just that it’s very ugly outside right now in the middle of winter and spring, and there really isn’t much to take pictures of and I’m knitting like crazy and have no time to blog (I have SO much time to blog). Also, in the last post I said I wanted to wrinkle in time to the May Long weekend and that is totally WRONG. A wrinkle in time is not time travel, it is space travel. I don’t want to travel through space really. I am afraid of space. And honestly, I don’t want to travel through time either. March in the Cariboo isn’t bad enough that I want to cut my life short rather than endure it. As long as it doesn’t snow again tomorrow. Don’t snow again tomorrow okay?

I made some stuff though! Yep. I finished Baby Bear’s Antler cardigan in three evenings and I was so exciting to finish it that I did not block it and just threw it on her and took a million photos. Above is the best one.

Luckily, I read about how I must block my baby sweater, and then I did and it’s drying now and yes, it does look way better. The colourway is Seasalt and I figure it won’t show the dirt as the colour is pretty much ‘rolled on the beach’ (in a cute way).

Guys, my heart was like WEEEEEEEEEEE when I saw my baby in her little sweater (and so was my voice. I said WEEEEEEEE quite a few times if memory serves). My husband made the little buttons out of actual antlers, which made me even happier (although also a little sad for the deer….I kind of stopped eating meat a while ago and though I’m not totally sure I’m going to be categorical about it, I just might).

Anyway, I made a matching hat with a pattern I designed myself and as soon as it’s dried from the blocking I will post it! Um, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to knit.


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