Mat Leave Month 9












Melty melt melt. Snow, sleet, snow. Maybe melt some more. Tread mud into the house. Get annoyed when the kitties tread mud in the house. Let one of the kitties outside again.

Transplant tomatoes and peppers. Plant cucumbers. Shop for little greenhouses at the hardware store.

Feed the baby, nurse the baby, take pictures, clean up, repeat. Make enormous casseroles and eat them for days to avoid doing dishes.

Knit knit knit. Read a long fantasy novel. Knit. Accidentally rent religious TV movie and then enjoy it immensely (low expectations, good scenery).

Daydream of playing outside with Baby Bear. Listen to the birds. Try to convince the kitties not to eat birds and prepare to feel badly when they do. Watch for new green on the drive to town. Spot mostly Tim Hortons cups. Take no pictures.


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