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5 and a half months is the most adorable human age. Our little Bear is so sweet it is almost unbearable. My heart is full. Even when I feel sad, which happens at this time of the year -there are still many feet of snow in the backyard-I still feel so very glad because of her.

The thaw is here and with it lots of muck. I like the word muck. It’s pretty much an onomatopoeia. I won’t say spring is really quite here yet, but it’s definitely on its way in a meandering Cariboo kind of way. I wear a t-shirt to pop outside to the tool shed. Some mornings I hear a birds singing. There are puddles on the lake from all the melted snow, though someone still parks their truck out by one of the ice-fishing hut (madness! I say).

Baby Bear did her very first no-help-at-all roll over. When she finally pushed herself over she made a tiny little squeal of surprise. Suddenly, she is so much more mobile and her fine motor skills have improved drastically. She is grabbing and pulling on anything she can reach: hair, necklaces, power cords, and especially books. It’s actually quite hard to read to her because she just grabs the book and tries to put it in her mouth. I started a Wrinkle in Time with her. I know she can’t understand yet, but I just can’t wait (literally!) to start reading awesome books with her. At this time of year I confess that I wish I could do (make?) a tesseract to the May Long Weekend on some days.

I finally finished my low tide sweater a few weeks ago. I had been complaining about the sleeves being too tight and threatening to try to lose weight in my arms to make it fit (didn’t happen). Turns out the problem was my very non-elastic cast off. I used this problem as an excuse to buy a book about Casting on and Binding Off.  The sweater hangs off my shoulders a bit, but I’m delighted with it anyway. My first garment for myself! Next up, a sweater and a coat for Baby Bear. My leafy shawl from Botanical Knits is almost done!

Ooh! I read the Rosie Project and loved it. It is pretty much the Big Bang Theory in novel format and I finished it in less than 48 hours (and it was a fairly busy couple of days, or I would have just plowed through it in one sitting). I aspire to be a mega-organized, rational, disciplined person most days, so this book was fairly inspiring (which I don’t think was exactly its object) and also very very funny. Read it if you have a spare couple of hours and can’t find a decent romantic comedy to watch.

See the tiny pony in the picture? He is Baby Bear’s Someday Pony called Sparkles (actually, they renamed him Sparkie because they thought Sparkles sounded too much like My Little Pony, which I think is actually a really excellent quality in a pony name). I love him so much even though he sometimes bites the little girls who are training him.

Sweet peas are planted! Probably too early, like the tomatoes and peppers, but I just don’t care. I need to have flowers to look forward to, especially ones that smell delicious. Can you eat sweet pea flowers? I’m going to look that up when they start growing.


Icing on the lake


















Guys, I went out on the lake! And it wasn’t scary at all. It was so totally gorgeous and magical. It was like it was my birthday! (and it actually was too.) A very perfect day. I want to go out again as soon as possible, though when I woke up this morning, it was -33 degrees, so we stayed inside all day, cozy and crafting. Actually, looking back, I don’t think I really accomplished anything, which I’m noticing often happens when I’m hanging out with Baby Bear. Is it weird that I find even her sad and frustrated faces to be so completely adorable. Sigh, baby love is totally ridiculous.

In other news, I know I am WAY late to the party on this one, but I am very keen on coconut oil these days, especially in baking. It makes everything taste like Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion (in a really good way). I posted a little bit ago about eating a batch of scones, well, I’ve been modifying this recipe with loads of success, and since it’s a very small batch, it’s easy to experiment with, and not too horrible if you happen to eat 5 or 6. I’ve replaced the sugar with honey, added oats, used exclusively whole wheat flour, and haven’t bothered with the nuts and they’ve turned out every time. I was finding myself at my local coffee shop nearly every day in the past months because I was hungry for their amazing baking, but these scones have kept me at home on days when I might have otherwise driven all the way to town just for One Another’s fabulous food.

I’m reading The Interestings and I have to admit, I’m not sure about it. I’ve read some pretty outstanding books in the past few months (Madaddam, Freedom, The Corrections, The Goldfinch, The Luminaries, The Great Gatsby) so my expectations are probably calibrated fairly high. I think it’s possible that themes are hitting a bit close to home for comfort and the main character has just a little too much in common with me to make living inside her head completely enjoyable. It’s about someone who gave up her dream to make a living creatively because she wasn’t very good, and is ever after jealous of her successful friends. Envy is a very dirty emotion and so very contagious.

For my birthday, I bought myself some yarn to knit this sweater for my little Boo. I’m pretty crazy about TinCan Knits. I love pretty much everything they create. Publish more lovely ladies! Sadly, my local yarn store carries mostly acrylic/wool blends, which I am not very excited about. I really want to support them, but I don’t very often find much that is inspiring. I bought this Diamond Luxury Comfort Chunky in Ecru for the little sweater. If the weather stays so cold, I’ll be done in no time.

The more it goes (tiddely pom) on snowing, on snowing







It has been snowing and snowing. Yesterday, I took the stroller and my little popsicle out for a walk in the morning. Pushing the stroller through the thick snow, the sun shining on one side of the sky, grey skies promising more snow on the other. A sleeping baby. When we moved to the country, I thought how wonderful it would be to walk in the woods every day. Our little neighborhood is filled with enormous trees. I can feel my cells renewing themselves with every breath. How I love to be outside, especially bundled up against the cold.

But the dogs. There are always dogs in the country, even when you live in a subdivision. Big ones. Scary ones. I didn’t think of that. My husband was bitten last year in our old neighbourhood by a truly enormous dog that jumped its fence to attack the dog we had at the time. At our new home, there is a Rottweiler and a big white dog on one side, and three German Shepherds on the other. They bark mercilessly until we are out of sight. Yesterday, the Rottweiler was growling too. I pushed through my nervousness in the interest of getting some fresh air without getting in the car. I made it down the street one way, but when I came back the snow was so high that the big white dog had made it over the fence and was blocking my way home, barking aggressively. The Rottweiler was still on the safe side of the fence, but I was sure she could have made it over too if she wanted. I was too frightened to get home and after standing on the road for a few long minutes trying to decide what to do, I pushed the stroller and my precious little darling to a neighbour’s home. I didn’t know what else to do. Dogs can tell if you are scared, right? The neighbour was kind to drive me home, but it took me a long time to calm down after that, and I won’t try to go out again. In the interest of trying to find a window that could open now that this door has been closed, I have decided that it is time to venture out onto the frozen lake in front of the house. I’ve been scared of that too, but I actually think the fear of dogs is more rational. Especially in February.

Our little love is feeling a great range of emotions these days, and is often tearful, especially when we have to put her down. It has been unusually noisy at our home for the past few days. We are grateful for the moments of peace, though, and our gratitude is magnified by the scarcity and transience of the silence. Despite the noise, there is so much to be joyful about. Even through her tears, we can make her laugh, smile her gorgeous toothless smiles, kick her chubby little legs with excitement. Her little pouts before she burst into tears are heartbreakingly adorable. My husband sings her to sleep, the furnace is warm, the kitties come in and out. Homemade hot chocolate, a new knitted hat, tomato seedlings poking through the soil. I can wait for spring.

In which I create a little blog










Tada! You’re welcome Mom. Here is my very first attempt at hitting publish (okay, my second, the first time I wasn’t totally paying attention and hit it by accident because it’s quite a large button). Since we live way up here in the woods, oh so very far away from most of our loved ones, and we have a little baby, and like to take pictures of our cats and do arts and crafts, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I started blogging. Here are a few shots of what our winter has looked like so far. Since it’s only February, there’s lots left to go and I hope that I can feel as grateful for the second half as I have during the first. If you don’t like pictures of cats and babies, this may not be the blog for you.